Lantmännen strives towards sustainable development and a healthy world. This permeates the entire company, from the inside and out. Taking responsibility for the environment and the world around us is second nature to us, but we put an equal emphasis on the inside of our company. This is about the working environment and lifestyles of our employees.

Lantmännen must be a healthy workplace. It is important for us to offer all employees a meaningful job, where the opportunities for development, creativity, security and job satisfaction are decisive.

We are a large group with 8,600 employees and sales of SEK 36.5 billion. We set demands. Our success lies in the fact that every individual must feel comfortable at work, and involved. It is important for us to have common goals and to create an overall perspective so that we can be a strong and decisive company.

Other important values for us are openness and sensitivity. At Lantmännen we encourage diversity and equality, and have comprehensive programmes to create a dynamic organisation where the unique qualities and opportunities of each employee are fully utilised.

For most of us it is important that our work involves challenges and new opportunities. This is why we focus on internal training, coaching and regular developmental conversations. It should be easy to make a career at Lantmännen.

To do a good job you need to have a balanced lifestyle. We try to see to the overall situation of our employees, not only while they are at work. Which is why we work with comprehensive health programmes. As a healthy company it is natural for us to help our employees to achieve a healthy lifestyle and a rewarding job, physically, psychologically and socially.

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