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Seeing someone and confirm someone is important for the individual and a company. This leads to the person and the company usually motivated to do an even better job. 4potentials awards receive awards. We give ex just one business – THE YEAR ‘S MOST TALENT FULL COMPANY price . And those who are at the top of the talent list – Top 100 Rising Potentials – get no diploma. However, they can copy the list and add it to Facebook so that the rest of us and mom may like it. We believe in giving people encouragement and we do it with heart . Do you think someone should get some sunshine – so tell us. Maybe you feel the next winner among talents or among companies?

Top 100 Rising Potentials
Is THAT the list of Sweden ‘s most interesting people with unique potential. Here you will find everything from a CEO who is 36 to an entrepreneur who built seven companies. Be inspired by them . It is updated each quarter

Is THE list was Sweden’s foremost talents between 20-50 years to work . Both engineers , priests, and IT architects. The list is the only live – index.

This year’s most talented company
Signed in 2014 – Lantmännen. The award is presented annually at meeting point .

Other Awards
You can read more about other awards via this link http://www.4potentials/sv/om-oss/om-4potentials/utmarkelser/ . Ex year’s most inspiring co-worker, Leader of the Year , the Year Member of the Year and potentials in the Öresund region .

Learn more about the current company rankings by clicking the button at the top – Twenty4potentials alt read more about the 100 hottest talent via the page Top 100 Rising potentials .