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If you doesn´t apply for a job – you will instead apply for becoming a member of the exclusive Top Talent and Executive Network – 4potentials – by press the SAVE button below. It only cost 1195 sek excl VAT* (one time fee for lifelong membership) to becoming member of the leading Exclusive Career Network and we invoice you 11 days after the approved application. (*students for free). To become member of the Network you need to be an humble, driven, analytical High potential, Top student or Top Executive.

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Applying for a specific job through 4potentials is always free of charge!

Some of the "job seeking candidates" will also have the chance to become lifetime members of the fantastic 4potential Career and Top Executive Network. Humble, driven, analytical fantastic leaders that apply for a job through 4potentials - may get the chance to become a part of the leading career network – 4potentials. So if 4potentials informs you after the “job-seeking-process” that you are offered an membership in 4potentials and you choose to remain in the network/database, you then pay the low membership fee and become a member of Sweden's leading, personal talent- and management network!

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Young Professionals and Executives pay a fee for a livelong membership. (Students for free). Only paying livelong members receive Career coaching, new exclusive contacts, dinner invitations, chance to become ranked on Talent rankings, newsletters and Executive event invitations and emails about dream jobs.

If you become a working (medlem som börjat arbeta) member we will invoice you 1195 sek excl VAT for the membership to the address in the database. It´s always free of charge to apply for a job and students don’t pay for the membership.

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