Our services


Since we see that a company get more talents , more attractive and retain their key skills – we reduce both its costs and raise their income. Our services are in three areas : Attraction Event and branding, recruitment of talent and consulting.

We have three groups: Executives, Young professionals and students. We collect general on leaders and specialists.

There are nine combinations of service areas. (3 groups x 3 product and service areas). As a Partner, you get all nine areas as part of the bargain!

The uniqueness of our idea is that our primary customer is the talent – not the customer. We know that as a HR manager can change jobs and then there is no point that we spend thousands of hours on that alone give the contacts with talents or ensure that it will always get what it asks for. However we ensure that we have a system that allows your contacts you’ve met through us – saved in a talent pool.

The talent market is not dictated by business concerns – it is the talent market. Therefore, it is where we will put thousands of hours to create a unique relationship with TALENT. However, we will never make a fuss with talent or think that they are something. And here’s what makes us unique compared to other talent networks. We call nor the talent – we ‘re talking about the unique potential. It is softer – just like us. Most often we hear that 4potentials network is amazingly nice …

The key to our success as a network is that potential future employees wish to work through us. We are No. 1 in a recent study of how talent are looking for their next job.

When we counted last we could, in 10 minutes, reach about 60,000 registered talents in Sweden. This makes us the leading talent network. Our different paths and differentiated methods make us inner Santa as a search partner. We are working internally with much to give tips to each other. The climate of the group is something that you as a customer will appreciate. Someone said, ” you want to be with you .”

Perhaps it is that we have managed to combine professionalism with personality?