Partner services

4potentials help businesses become stronger talent by ensuring that they become more attractive to recruit and retain and develop talent . The target groups are divided into three experience categories: Students, Young Professionals and Executives .

Would you keep your Executive talent – you could contact 4potentials to purchase consultative support . Do you want to recruit students , you can participate in the Meeting Point or buy a recruitment via the network. Do you want to become more attractive among Young Professionals , you can for example, be included on the Öresund Talent meeting . Executive Search is implemented through our Executive talents and their contacts tips 4p on the candidates – it’s called Search by activating a recruitment network . 4potentials , Sweden’s premier recruitment network and together with Parent Michaël Berglund Search Group is 4potentials for a unique quality and qualitative process .

4potentials service model based both on the target audience (Students, Young Professionals, Executive Inspiration ) you want to reach and the need and challenge you need to solve (make you more attractive , recruit or retain / develop talent ) . Depending on how your combination looks like we are building a partnership or solves a primary challenge – you become a client.

PARTNERSHIP inc finders fee , rankings, information, newsletters, partner meetings , and we’re talking good about you.
50 ambassadors and 3000 members could be your ambassadors. How do you present yourself in the network?

Occasional services or options in a partnership
Recruitment Services
RECRUITMENT of Young Professionals and Students
EXECUTIVE SEARCH by specialists or senior decision makers
JOB AD as well as e -mail mailings in the network

CORPORATE EVENT at your company
MEETING POINT our big event for the top students and Young Professionals
EXECUTIVE INSPIRATION (22 /9) for senior professionals and senior leaders
ÖRESUND TALENT MEETING (6/ 10) for persons who want to operate in the Öresund Region

Talent Consulting
We help companies to build their TEB and scan them against other companies. We work with live talent index, workshops, lectures , etc.