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4potentials recruitment process at Executive Search
4potentials purpose is to help companies to attract, recruit and develop the most talented specialists and leaders . The target audience is in other words ranging from recent graduates to Executive with 20 years experience.

Depending on your needs we can design a simple recruitment process. Only Partners to 4otentials can recall finders fee solutions.

As a customer , select 4potentials to you:
• To get a hold of the front runners . The business-critical colleagues.
• To work with a process that is modern and appeals to talented candidates.
• want to profile yourself against talent. You believe that “great people knows great people”
• To work with a cost effective solution.
• To reach everything from senior managers to junior specialists
• To work with a company that is part of Michaël Berglund Search Group , a high-quality recruitment network with over 30 – years experience in recruitment , about 35 consultants , experience from different industries and positions , as well as a member of an international network , IIC Partners

4potentials offer the following recruitment services :
• Recruitment / Search – whole process
• Second opinion
• Strategic advice on recruitment
Job listings and mailings in the network ( 30000 sec alto 15000 sec for Partners and members )

4potentials recruitment consultants have years of experience in recruitment and organization. We are accustomed to working with Sweden’s top talent and has both inputs knowledge of talents. Recruitment consultants work from a proven and effective method of selection that quickly delivers high- quality and warranty. To support the recruitment consultants developed quality system to ensure the recruitment process.

4potentials offers strategic as well as operational consultative support in the area of ​​recruitment. Whether the need is to work on a long-term strategic competence or if the need is to replace an employee can 4potentials offer effective and good solutions.

Recruitment assignment is done with care on a consultative and professional manner . 4potentials recruitment consultants have extensive experience in recruiting with an emphasis on personal assessment of talents – from students to Executives .

Search Process
4potentials offers customers the following:
1. All Search- mission begins with the 4potentials recruitment consultants will discuss why the customer wants to recruit for a position and what the customer is looking for in general. It also discusses the internal recruitment and the current candidates available .

2.4p meet key people in the organization to create a better and clearer picture of what you think is important qualities of the candidates .

3. Client and 4potentials consultants decide on demands and requirements in the job specification and agree on the date of delivery and the way in which candidates are to be presented.

4. Ad will be on the 4ps website. In some missions , there is no public advertising. 4potentials network of candidates normally recommend many candidates per post and for that, they received via 4potentials different channels ( Linked In , Facebook , etc.)

5.Search begins immediately . Continuously working 4potentials to build a talent bank of candidates. However, you need 4potentials always supplement with active search . Naturally occurs search according to the customer important aspects such as ethics and morality. 4potentials have more opportunities than most other recruitment agencies to find inputs and thus candidates – then candidates in the network are both candidates and tipsters .

6. Administration of application documents and answering of questions from candidates is ongoing. All candidates receive always an answer within a reasonable time. After a few weeks in which a candidate ‘s overall record over the phone where we review the applications received and which ones will be booked at the interview . Continuous contact is made throughout the process.

7. Evaluation of the application documents and the first selection by interview . Requirements Profile requirements and any requirements form the basis for the initial sample .

8.second selection through structured interviews ( done by the senior consultant ) In the interview focuses 4potentials recruitment consultants in evaluating the candidate and provide the candidate with valuable feedback . Tests can place orders at extra cost. The tests used are then ex SHL OPQ and Raven’s matrices.

9. Candidate Presentation . Presentation takes place within 40 working days of the customer accepted the ad.

10. The client initiates their final interviews. 4potentials acts in the meantime to ensure that both the client and the candidate feel that the process is satisfactory.

11. Reference Commissioning, customer takes references. If you require this means of 4potentials goes on to place orders at extra cost.

12. The client hires a candidate or candidates.

13. Monitoring months 6 and 12 after hiring, with client and candidate

14. customer receives new candidate / candidate process free of charge if he would quit within 6 months. The guarantee does not apply if the customer cancels the candidate due . layoff or reorganization .

Price and payment terms
(excl. VAT)
Entry fee for steps 1-7 : 30% of the recruitment fee to pay at startup
Fee for steps 8-11 : 30% of the recruitment fee to pay at the candidate presentation
Fee for step 12 : 40% of recruitment fees to pay when signing the agreement

Total recruitment fees – about 25% of the annual salary. When recruiting trainees and more people into a company receives a discount due to the analysis becomes less and for some services are less complex to set up .

Other conditions:
Cost of advertisement in print / media to come as well as for testing and reference checks . There always are decided in consultation with the customer, if it is available .

Should more than one candidate recruited through this process – results in 50 % of the total recruitment fee for candidate # 2 – .

Presented candidates from 4potentials have 4potentials right to receive compensation for a period from presentation empty 12 months after they were presented. Candidates customer wants to be included in the process as 4potentials interview – counts as 4potentials candidates.