People with passion & potential

An idea or a business is always initiated by a human. We know the importance of creating the right talangmix for a company. We know that one can not succeed in building the world ‘s largest companies – alone. However , we know that every single person in the place where it is – carries a unique potential for the moment. We have identified a recipe for finding individuals who fit into the companies ‘and organizations’ future structures without us being elitist . We believe mao not think anyone is better as a person. However , we believe that someone in a particular situation may conduct an activity or an idea better than another. This has been understood in sport and where we sit and gladly shed tears of joy and pays tribute to Charlotte Kalla when she takes Olympic gold . We at 4potentials is as ridiculously happy when we found a talent in the forests of Småland , or when we had to develop a shy Göteborgare for daring to stand on stage. We combine two skills : attention to people’s unique talent and a genuine pleasure to stand behind your talent. Our recipe for who generally have that extra edge for your company can be divided into four areas – THE FOUR P : NA.

Do you understand what you read in school? Do you see the logic of it all. Do not you get nervous when someone wants to test you ? Do you see the big picture istf mere details ? Our candidates have all the horses at home and all the knives in the drawer are ground. Some call our talents for street-smart . We often say that they have a natural ability to break down problems into solutions.

Either our members – specialists or managers. And when we look to leaders , we want them to be humble people who have a natural authority and receiving with thousands of employees. Our leaders are courageous and cares about you .

Some call it the drive . We are looking for people who have a natural, humble motivator and who understand how networking works. They are efficient and get things done. Often their resume even more impressive when you meet them . They have well not been room to include everything amazing they accomplished .

What matters to us is that we fall in love with candidates. We will not be there , they should not be with. Here we are looking for people who are humble , inspirational , nice , interesting and interested. They have a high EQ but mainly you just want to sit there and talk to them . You feel good when the interview is over .

Have all the four p : na , you are welcome to apply to 4potentials . Are you a specialist , we have indulgence for you are more specialist than leaders. We will screen your application , interview about half of the applicants and 68% of those interviewed will then join the network . Then continue our assessment of you as a member for life. In this way, our candidates perhaps evaluated more than 20 times before being presented to a customer .

Total reach the network’s 3,000 members as well as our sister company about 60,000 to date and fresh candidate relationships. Thus , we are the biggest talent network in Sweden .