The 4potentials network & services

4potentials main customer is the individual that we call a person with great potential ( the average age of our talents is about 41 years) .
By identifying , developing and retaining the person in a network we manage to both attract more talent – and thus more customers. Talent Networks cuddle too much with their corporate clients makes two cardinal error : 1) HR manager stops every five years 2) The Company will change its name , structure, or owners every 15 years . During the same time, the talent and the individual person is the same person. By focusing on building a relationship with talent wins 4potentials long term in the talent market . Because of that it costs money for the talent to be in 4potentials . We give talent an insurance and strengthening the talent on the market . We also know that the talents that can and want to contribute to a talent networks are alike in their workplace . Egoists we do not want in our network – would you hire them ?BUT THE COMPANIES CAN BUILD STRONG PARTNERSHIPS
How does a company that wants to build a talent pool of talent market for 10-15 years ? Recruits a freshly baked HR student who will be going around with booths at job fairs ? No, fortunately , our partners understand that the talent market looks different. The talent market is also not just students – most of our members are senior managers . It is also determined not by collective bargaining agreements without talent as a collective believe in and want to work with the company’s vision and wonderful colleagues. Talents do not visit booths anymore – they want to meet decision makers one to one . Therefore, we at 4potentials created a unique venue where businesses can meet talents and vice versa. And above all, we are the continuity of talent market. We know who wanted to work at your company five years ago ! Our business services can be divided into four areas:

The company gets a unique chance in a year to meet students, YP and executive talent , directly or indirectly through events , newsletters , emails , partner meetings , T- marketing as well as to 4p gives the company the knowledge of the talent market . For partnership firm signs a finders fee agreement, a search agreement and what events they want to attend to. Would you as a company to build a bridge with experienced stars you shall be, for example with the Executive Inspiration .

Our events can be divided into public , social , educational , and corporate events . First you decide on who you want to meet then we develop a talent event for you. Maybe you want to be with our large and Meeting Point in February against students and Young Professionals, summery , which is our summer event for all audiences , Executive Inspiration is our senior event and the Öresund Talent meeting is an event for those who want to recruit expertise to Öresund region . In addition there are a trainee events, girl retreats, executive breakfast meeting, lawyer events, partner meetings , etc.

4potentials is the leading talent recruitment . Together with the customer we develop a set of requirements , we market the service , screening , selecting , interviewing and presenting candidates in less than a month. We are qualitative , efficient and modern because we have access to Sweden ‘s most updated database and network of talent. We are working with Facebook , Linked-In and has several senior search consultants . In addition, we are part of Michaël Berglund Search Group . We conduct missions ranging from trainees to CEOs . During the year , we add even board members. We operate worldwide with a Nordic home market. You can reach approximately 60,000 screened candidates in 10 minutes.

Our customers and partners are using 4potentials in a row number of other services . We are involved in building programs , appoints HR managers , guides talent managers , conducts workshops , and above all , we sit often and talk with our customers. We do not all have hot consulting or managers . However, we are happy to share our experiences in the talent market . It is best , however, to listen to a talented client’s latest idea. What are you thinking right now ?