Thursday 7th of November

16.00 Registration of participants, coffee and something sweet.
16.30 Executive  Conversation,  round 1.
Break 10 minutes.
17.45 Executive  Conversation,  round 2.
18.50 Mingle opportunity with a drink to start off the dinner.
19.30 Three-course dinner
– Price: Årets  Mest  Inspirerande  Medarbetare  2019 (Most inspiring co-worker of the year 2019)
22.30 Mingle

What: The networking- and inspirational event of the year with top companies like Arla, Dustin, BillerudKorsnäs, Scandic, SEB, Lantmännen, Scania and 180 Managers and decision makers.
Where: Stockholm, SCANDIC CONTINENTAL, 100 metres from Stockholm Central Station.
Whom: To be eligible to attend you are required to have an executive position or be a specialist over 36 years of age.
Apply: event@4potentials.com
Cost for candidate: Attendance is free for all network members of 4potentials.

Cost for company: Companies who are interested in participating – 90 Tsek (free recruitment)

ÅRETS MEST INSPIRERANDE MEDARBETARE. Send your proposal to daniel@4potentials.com

Cancellation: A cancellation sent to us after October 30th will imply a charge of 545 SEK excluding VAT for costs for food, drink and other services that can’t be cancelled at such short notice. Participants will be notified via e-maxil before this date.