Another view – partner and Client meeting 4potentials, June 2020

Another view – partner and Client meeting 4potentials

If you are a customer or partner of 4potentials, you get the chance to meet other partners to 4potentials twice a year.

On site you will be matched with people with similar challenges and roles.

At the next partner meeting in June we will first gather around a extended lunch and you will work together to solve each other’s respective challenges together. We believe very much in openess and that the talent market as a whole can grow if we cooperate more. We will also set aside time for visionary discussions. It is important that you get new views

12.00 Registration, lunch at Scandic Continental, Vasagatan 22

Welcome from the founder of the talent market, Fredrik Andersson

Workshop and lunch –  7 Groups of 7 talented people will discuss two subjects – HR/Talent questions and HR/Talent visions.

  1. We have this typical X or Y Talent-challenges/areas (e.g succession planning, exit calls, HR key figures, recruitment processes, diversity, social media, Employer branding, digitalization etc.) – how would you do? What’s your input? Take a chance to discuss with other HR-talent, managers and people within Talent management.
  2. Where are the visions? Where is the VIEW of the future in HR, People and Talent? An interesting discussion how we could together develop the Talent market.

13.20 Coffee, Summary and discussions – what did you come up with?

13.50 A summer gift from 4potentials and a chance to have informal small meetings after the partner meeting.


When: June 2020

Where: Vasagatan 22, in a nice conference room.

Why? Because you need another view and stay on top

Who: Partners and clients to 4potentials

Cost: 0 sek for partner and clients.

Notification at the latest 1/6 to, please inform about special food issuess. All attending people will have a membership in 4potentials for free!