New Product Owner for Nobia

Nobia is Europe’s leading kitchen specialist. The operation consists of developing, manufacturing and selling kitchens through 16 strong brands and as a contract manufacturer.

Nobia is going through an exciting and expansive phase at the moment. New strategies are in place which focus on putting the customer experience and digital development at the focal point. Nobia is investing heavily in the digital space and we’re building new digital products using the latest technology in order to create unique consumer experiences. In total we develop and manage 21 different brands together with local digital teams.

About the role:
As the Product Owner, you will work with a dedicated-to-your-product cross-functional team with skills relevant to your product’s needs. From prototyping to development to rollout, tracking and testing, you’ll own the full lifecycle of activities needed to create market-leading, user-friendly, revenue-generating products. You’ll know why your product is important and where it sits in the customer journey and sales process, and how it plays out in each channel. You’ll understand how it works and champion its progress. The different products could for instance be devices used in-store, augmented reality and digital colloboration tools between sales and stores.

The Team:
In the role you will work with a vast group of digitally skilled and experienced co-workers, for instance the consumer experience owner, the development manager, brand teams, analytics/conversion specialists and other product owners. You will be apart of Nobias growing Digital teeam.


  • You will lead product development – from initial idea phase through to prototype, to rollout and to continous optimization.
  • You will define the scope, goal and deliverables of the product in collaboration with central and local stakeholders.
  • You will define metrics and KPI’s used by Nobia to measure the product value
  • You will lead the the product team through the mission, vision and roadmap
  • You will manage, oversee and ensure the product delivery.
  • You will work closely with other parts of the organisation and ensure clear and timely communication – such as brands, central product and development – to launch new products and redevelop existing products.

We think you have:

  • A passion and feeling for new technology
  • Previous experience from being a Product Owner – you may have experience from working at an agency or a startup
  • Managed teams before and worked with external agencies
  • A feeling for the importance of customer experience
  • A creative mind and the ability to sell in new concepts to stakeholders

We conduct interviews continuously, so we would like to have your application as soon as possible. We look forward to meeting you!

For questions, contact: Lisa Aggeryd:





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