Arla Foods

Would you like to be part of a team that has great ambitions, challenging tasks, diversity throughout and plenty of development opportunities? If so, then Arla Foods is the company for you.

We’re the farmer-owned dairy cooperative behind global brands Arla®, Lurpak® and Castello® and our 19,000-strong team of passionate people have helped us become the fifth largest dairy company in the world and the largest producer of organic dairy products.

In 2011, we were 4potential’s first partner. We still strongly believe in 4potential’s way of presenting Arla Foods on the talent market in a personal way. Please read more on our careers page about all available jobs and what it’s like to work at Arla Foods.

If you want to increase the chances of meeting us via 4potentials, you can always apply to 4potentials and mark Arla Foods as an interesting company in the 4potentials database and you can also be a part of our Arla Talent community, follow Arla Foods on instagram and LinkedIn.

During the collaboration, we will present more opportunities via 4potentials. Here you can read about all our available jobs today!

Good luck in your career!

Eva Bexelius Arla Foods


Om bolaget

  • Grundat: Bröderna Lidholm, aktiva inom Stockholms mjölkförsäljning i slutet av 1800-talet, kan sägas vara de som ligger bakom det som senare blev Mjölkcentralen och Arla. År 2000 fusionerar Arla med det danska mejeriföretaget MD Foods och blir Arla Foods.
  • Antal anställda: 22000
  • Länder: Företaget finns i flera länder
  • Omsättning: