Seeing and confirming others is important, both for the individual employee and for the organization the person is working with. As a result, the person and the organization are usually motivated to do an even better job. We believe in giving people encouragement. Maybe you know the next winner among talents or among the companies?

At the bottom of this page you can read more about those who received awards via 4potentials. You can also click on links on this page and read more about the respective prices.

The picture below describes the (last) current situation in the talent market. The talent market is an economy. If a company is at the top of a ranking, it will affect the company’s development, profits and sales. Below we have gathered some key figures in a talent market. If you want to read the whole Total Talent Index Report- email (10 000 sek excl VAT per Talent report – company specific).


Årets mest talangfulla företag
2019: EQT (finalister Orkla, BCG och Business Sweden)
2018 vann Centigo före Lantmännen och Business Sweden
2017 års vinnare är Centigo I finalen fanns Business-Sweden, Centigo, Lantmännen och H&M
2016: Vinnare blev H&M
2015: Lantmännen
2014: Lantmännen

Årets mest inspirerande medarbetare
2018: Vinit Malhotra, Dynamo Consulting
2017: Christoffer Malmer, SEB
2016: Fredrik Wester, Paradox Interactive
2015: Thomas Ekman, Tele2
2014: Anna Omstedt Lindgren
2013: David Thunmarker
2012: Thomas Harmgardt
2011: Martin Grauers

Årets ledare – Studenter
2019: Albert Hobom
2018: Oscar Alsing
2017: Anna Horvath
2016: Delades ut av DeLaval på Meetingpoint den 25/1 till Joachim Rönneback Thomson
2015: Max Mohammadhassan Mohammadi
2014: Fatime Nedzipovska
2013: Erik Lindberg
2012: Susanna Berggren
2011: Tobias Porserud

Årets ledare – Young Executives (under 40 år)
2016: Magnus Agervald
2015: Susanne Najafi
2014: Marcus Jacobsson
2013: Christina Åqvist
2012: Claudia Olsson
2011: Sebastian Siematkovski

Årets medlem
2016: Daniel Juhlin
2015: Susanne Tele2 och Henke Berndtson, Blixten & Co
2014: Hanna Graflund Sleyman
2013: Petra Wigh

Årets talang i Öresund
2015: Jacob Peterson
2014: Ola Arvidsson, Arla Foods, personaldirektör
2013: Emil Eriksson
2012: Johan Eriksson
2011: Åsa Keller Wannem

Årets talang i Göteborg
2016: Salomeh Tafazoli är Årets talang i Göteborg. Hon är Head of Business Unit Commercial på Car-O-Liner Group AB och har tidigare varit verksam inom investment banking och på Volvo. Redan 2010 utsågs hon till Framtidens kvinnliga ledare.

Årets talang Gotland:
2018: Carl-J Stålhammar
2017: Calle Stålhammar, Coop
2016: Anna Johnson, Grant Thornton
2015. Ulrika, Krakas Krog