Leasing Manager at H&M

H&M is the retail company in the world with the highest growth rate. In 2015 they opened more than 400 new stores all over the world. The Leasing managers’ responsibility is to find top locations for new stores, negotiate lease contracts with property owners and create agreements in order to get the best possible deal for H&M.”

H&M operates more than 3,900 stores in 61 countries. They continue to expand worldwide, and with the current growth trend they expect to double the number of stores within 5-6 years. This will be achieved by growth in both current and new countries – in 2015 they opened 413 new stores and entered five new markets. H&M’s Expansion department is responsible for enabling this growth through leasing, designing, drawing, buying and building each of these stores.

The role as Leasing Manager is about working with the future and take into consideration how much the world changes all the time.

The Leasing managers’ main responsibilities are:

  • To find top locations for new stores
  • Negotiate lease contracts with property owners
  • Create agreements in order to get the best possible deal for H&M.

The leases are often very long and involve large investments for H&M which is why this is a very important role for the company’s future. The position as Leasing Manager is very much about negotiation. To be successful you need to know how to optimize sales as well as to have an interest in and an understanding of retail in general. On top of this you need to be confident and not afraid to leave your comfort zone. You love adventures and you are not afraid of tough challenges!

Globally the team consists of around 160 people and this position will be based abroad in one of the countries were H&M is represented. Right now we’re looking for people who can speak Turkish, Japanese or Finnish. You will be reporting to the Expansion Manager in that specific country and work close in team with the Construction Project Manager and the Store Development Manager.

Overall you enjoy working in a global role, with many different cultures and with a significant amount of traveling. We believe that you are ambitious, competitive, humble and a fast learner. You have strong analytical skills and proven leadership capabilities as well as a strong track record of results, both from personal responsibilities and from leading others. And you are of course excited about the opportunity – to be part of H&M’s expansion!

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