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4potentials on Gotland is one of the few executive recruitment companies on the island. Instead of only marketing our vacancies, we have chosen to market the whole of Gotland and try to become the entire Gotland employment service. We do this because we love Gotland and because we have experienced a great need among candidates who want to stay on the island as well as curious prospective Gotlänningar. Every day they ask 4potentials for information about what career opportunities there are on Gotland? We arent a ”arbetsförmedling” but often we act as it. And if we dont care of, listen and co-ordinate the interest  from Top Talent that makes Gotland bigger – who will do it?  We have a solution and it works. However, we can do it even better if you get on board.


We are also completely convinced that Gotland is growing with competence of people and our big goal is that Gotland soon has 70,000 inhabitants. That is why we work voluntarily to present all of Gotland’s possibilities. Everything from culture, sports, houses to jobs – other than those that 4potentials will fill. We have become involved in society and been a small part of events on Gotland. But we can do better. We also see an increased need to take care of the great interest we and others have created to live, work and live on Gotland.

4potentials will also report a very good result, which is why we now want to hire more Partners on Gotland. In the role as a partner, you work primarily with being a sales recruitment consultant, but you also have a great responsibility to develop and take responsibility for Gotland from a competence perspective. In the role of Partner on Gotland, for many who are looking for new opportunities on Gotland, you will be the one they will talk to. You will also be a vital part of the Gotland network – in all areas.



We are looking for you who develop Gotland and want to #GÖRA GOTLAND STÖRRE – by focusing on competence. You understand that each new Gotlänning means that the island’s BRP increases by 475,000, which corresponds to 110 visitors. It is both more sustainable, environmentally friendly and good for the lack of skills if Gotland focused more on saying WELCOME BACK AND MOVE HERE!

When Gotland becomes 70,000 inhabitants, the income and expertise of Gotland will make the island enter a new phase. With a society with a larger fixed annual income, you can invest more in school, care and nursing. In this role, you will be the voice of Gotland’s united skills industry to the society and you will also be a hero among all job seekers. They miss you.

Today, there are very few people they can talk to who can describe the Gotland labor market, present jobs and contacts and who can on-board you on the island. 4potentials has helped thousands to gain a foothold on Gotland.

Everything above that you do in your spare time. You are a person who loves to work a lot.

In your role as a sales recruitment consultant, you meet clients and candidates. You listen a lot. You try to understand the needs of the companies and the wishes of the candidates. You make sure they meet. To gain a customer’s trust, you need to know what you’re talking about and always deliver.

You get a clear sales budget where you have to listen to all Gotland’s companies. This means that you have a lot of customer meetings. In your role as a sales recruitment consultant, you have a fixed salary and a larger variable part based on what you perform. You love sales.

You will develop our business model and broaden 4potentials offer on Gotland. You are creative.

You will work with our events such as TALANGMEDALEN, corporate events and that you make sure to develop TALENT COMPANY OF THE YEAR and TALANG OF THE YEAR ON GOTLAND. You can organize events.

To succeed with all of the above, you have an analytical height, a drive, an empathic ability and a want to put Gotland on the big talent map.



We offer one of Sweden’s most fun work. You will meet fantastic candidates who are grateful that 4potentials exists. Today, they often have no one else to talk to about a career on Gotland.

You have your own car and with it you will visit all Gotland’s companies. The work environment on a Friday on Fårö, Sudret, Östergarn is magical.

The competence question is a must for Gotland. You are working on an important issue for Gotland. Today the lack of competence is one of highest in Sweden due to surveys from organizations and articles in media. Often companies cannot develop because they cant find their candidates? 

You will ensure that we establish a new central office in Visby inner city. It’s up to your sales. You will work with 4-5 employees on Gotland. Everything is up to you if we are to succeed.



You apply via 4potentials database. We contact all applying candidates within one month.

You apply through the ”circles” at our website – next beside at this text. You mark PARTNER AND SÄLJANDE REKRYTERINGSKONSULT GOTLAND in the application form.

All applying candidates will receive a free membership in the 4potentials Gotland Career Network

Welcome with your application!


In Sweden they talk about Employer Branding – in Gotland we call it Ö-ployer branding – because we all sit in the same (new) ferry. 


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