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Spendency is a SaaS analytics solution providing purchasing departments with one of their core tools to gain control over their spend, reduce costs and ensure CSR compliance. Spendency’s clients are based mainly in Europe but are seeing an increased interest from all over the world. They are currently a small team but are now on the cusp of starting a real growth journey, going from a small startup to a larger and well established company.

This is company that are super excited about the work that they do, the client they help and the opportunities they see in front of them, and they are now even more excited to get some more people on board for the journey.

This is a full time position and Spendency have their offices in Stockholm and in Malmö. Spendency has been developed by people who have been working on managing spend data for many years.


Spendency are looking for an entrepreneurial person, to join their small team of dedicated people to scale up their B2B SaaS solution and take it global. Are you looking for an opportunity to grow as a person whilst working in a rapidly growing company? Do you love challenges, interacting with people and driving change? If so you might be Spendency’s Client Success Manager.

To be successful you need to be willing to do the job yourself but also capable of growing your responsibility as the company grows. Currently all customer support and customer success processes are managed jointly by the team, but as the company grows it is clear that it is time to bring someone onboard to focus solely on that. In your role you will be responsible for designing, implementing and executing everything that has to do with ensuring our customers success so that they get the maximum value out of Spendency’s products and services. You will start as a single bright shining star but the hope is that the company will grow so you can be in charge of your own constellation.

Initially you will have many responsibilities including:

  • Establishing Customer Success and Support Practices

You will ensure that the customers get the maximum value out of using Spendency. That means working with Spendency’s customers to educate them and support them as well as improving and automating this work. You will lay the foundation for future colleagues to come in and excel in their work in supporting the customers. The hope is that Spendency’s growth will accelerate with you onboard so that you soon will be involved in hiring, training and managing new bright stars.

  • Adapting a Data Driven Approach to Continuous Improvement

You will be expected to adapt a data driven approach to constantly enhance the value for and the experience of Spendency’s customers. This includes identifying recurring questions and issues and identifying, implementing and leveraging best of breed technology to resolve them. Improve and automate processes like new customer onboarding and identifying customers who are yet to fully achieve the full usage of Spendency’s solution and help them close that gap.

  • Energising Customers and Take Their Feedback Back to Improve Our Offering

You will be working closely with the companys customers and users to make their life easier. You start by providing them with a seamless onboarding experience and you will continue to build your role as trusted advisor to support them in bigger decisions like configuring data models and setting up integrations as well as providing in the moment support for questions about product usage. In your role as a trusted advisor you will gain insights into the problems the customers are facing and you will be expected to bring those insights back into the product roadmap to ensure the solution remains relevant and adds ever increasing value to Spendency’s customers. So in addition to working with the customers you till be involved in planning and designing new features with the rest of the product team.


Core values and personality traits

Although Spendency offer a Software as a Service, they see themselves first and foremost as a people centric business. Internally amongst colleagues and externally towards customers they expect that every person is treated with respect and kindness. Spendency believe in openness and communication, in responsibility and personal growth, in collaboration and sharing.

Therefor we think you will be a person that loves solving problems, helping people and finding improvements. You have a growth, sales and service oriented mindset and you have come to the realisation that taking responsibility for your own personal development will make you successful no matter what challenge you take on. You need to be able to communicate well in English both in speaking and writing. Having a good understanding of the Swedish language is a plus but it is not necessary. Having an understanding about purchasing and spend analysis is a plus but not a requirement. You will need advanced Excel skills. If you are not already an advanced Excel user but can provide dedication and hard work Spendency can provide the guidance that you need to develop into it.

The right mindset and capabilities is more important rather than the right experience and knowledge. Spendency is looking for someone who is willing to work hard and see their responsibilities increase over time.


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