Action Europe söker Business Unit Director

WHY Action Europe?

Action Europe is a specialized Brand Development Marketing agency chosen by international companies who need help to add value to their brand and secure customer loyalty. Action Europe is currently working for clients in Europe, South East Asia and US.

3 important Action Europe beliefs:

  • Add value. Only a brand that adds value is a brand.
  • Humanize the business. Move away from talking to into talking with customers.
  • Marketing is learning. Learning is a process. Hence all the changes we want to generate has to be defined in connected processes.

HOW does Action Europe help clients?

Action Europe has various strategies and tools to help clients, where top 3 are:

  • Brand redefinition tools like Modern Archetypes (Modern Archetypes describes the rules in our brains that govern all we as human beings do by instinct – because it feels right).
  • Customer Engagement Marketing methods from creating consumer loyalty club concepts and systems to customized communication tools that in new unique ways create a controlled dialogue between customer and company (or between consumer and brand).
  • Big Data pattern recognition tools to generate unique insights based on which marketers can take new and more intelligent decisions generating more robust results.

Action Europe has more than 30 years of experience and numerous cases to prove the value of both strategies and tools.

Your responsibility as Business Unit Director:

  • Business growth
    1. You are responsible for creating a steady international growth for your business unit. Growth has to come both from developing the existing customer portfolio under your wings as well as getting new clients on board.
    2. New clients needs to come both from your own network as well as through your ability to activate your organization.
  • Leadership
    1. Being in a know how company your ability to lead people is vital.
    2. You will be regarded as a leadership capacity by our clients and a strategic marketing force to be recogned with.
    3. Internally your organization we depend on your leadership and your ability to coach your employees in your team.
    4. Internally the company will expect you to support and take leadership on decisions made either in your management group or the board of directors.
  • Management
    1. Overall client budget and report management
    2. Overall budget and report management on the results generated by your business unit

About you:

You should have a solid marketing experience from at least CMO level with a theoretical degree either on Master or Doctor level.

You have to be a strong networker with directors in your network and your position in the network at a level, where people will meet you and listen to you when you contact the network.

You are an extrovert person with strong marketing beliefs.


Copenhagen area, Denmark

As Business Unit Director you refer to CEO Thomas Wagner and are part of the Management Group in Action Europe.

Latest BU hired in at Action Europe:

Dr. Dayner Azzellino moving to Denmark from Italy.

If you want to hear more about Dayners experience, you are welcome to contact Dayner directly



Please send your application to: Nete Nygaard at


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