7 Top Talent recruitment trends

  1. Continuous recruitment. Work with 10-15 recruitment companies and ask them to create Finders Fee solutions.
  2. 90% of the top candidates or more will never take a job at a company with dubious Employer Brand. Much more important not to be in the bottom of the Talent index – than at the top. A poor candidate process hurts more – than a good does good.
  3. Build a talent pool. The problem today is that HR managers and recruiters only stay about 6 years. Continuity beats AI solutions. A relation with ONE talent takes 3-4 years to build up. 4POTENTIALS have 6000 relations.
  4. Build candidate relationships – not databases and don’t use recruitment systems to build relationships. Create meetings. Live meetings or call them! Recruitment event is still more interesting for a super talent than anything else. Social media is good but it is not the way you get the job. There is a belief that experienced top talent would “surf around” in social media and click on links. The search recruitment companies’ method of mapping and calling and meeting candidates takes longer – but gives more qualitative applicants. Use both methods. A Social Recruitment process, SRP.
  5. The happy employees come with tips! Fantastic opportunity that works well in companies where employees are happy and like the corporate culture. Remind the staff every Friday that you want to recruit X or Y.
  6. Create more big and joint-advertising recruitment processes in the company. In step 1 – try to screen more by soft variables, potential and attitude. Then you get a starting field with a lot of interesting people that maybe suits your company’s challenges and problems. In step 2 you can then talk to 10-20 candidates and even arrange workshops, recruitment meetings etc. Work with structured interviews. If you still screen by grades, university background and CV-happenings its totally wrong – you could miss the potential!?
  7. Be where the talents are. On LinkedIn, talent networks and at your customers! They are not on labor market days or reading newspaper ads – as they were in 1995. If there are 4000 recruitment companies on a market – the spontaneous applicants contact about 20 each. You must work with these 20 companies – because the talent wants it.7.1 Targeted good ads, e-mailing with finesse and hard-working recruiters always win over processes. The recruitment process can be copied – but a good recruiter cannot be copied.